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Crookes v. Newton, the hyperlinking case

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supreme court canada citation crookes newton scc date docket between: wayne and west coast title search ltd. appellants jon respondent canadian civil liberties association samuelson-glushko internet policy public interest clinic, netcoalition british columbia association, newspaper idem/canadian media lawyers magazines journalists for free expression writers union canada, professional pen publishers council interveners coram mclachlin c.j binnie lebel deschamps fish abella charron, rothstein cromwell jj. reasons judgment: (paras 45) joint concurring reasons: 53) the result: 130) (binnie charron concurring) note this document subject editorial revision before its reproduction final form reports. ltd indexed file december october present appeal from torts libel slander publication defendant creating hyperlinks allegedly defamatory articles whether hyperlinking itself constitutes publication. owns operates website containing commentary about various issues including speech one posted contained shallow deep other websites, which turn information sued basis that two created connected material using those was publishing trial judge concluded mere creation hyperlink does not lead presumption someone actually used access impugned words. agreed were analogous footnotes since they only refer another source without repeating there repetition furthermore absence evidence anyone than links read words linked could finding majority upheld decision while some article may suggest particular encouragement invitation view site such case addition number hits insufficient drawing inference third party had dissenting held fact n's been viewed 1,788 times made unlikely followed furthermore, context suggested readers encouraged invited click links. should dismissed. per prove element defamation plaintiff must establish has any act conveyed meaning single who received traditionally defendant's takes manner assists causing content reach are irrelevant applying traditional rule however would have effect liability all hyperlinkers seriously restrict flow result freedom expression. essence references fundamentally different acts both communicate something exists but themselves require part she gains far easier with change reality neutral. inserting into text gives author control over secondary linked. never seen refers when person follows contains actual creator poster hyperlinker presents hyperlinked way repeats considered published" hyperlinker. here nothing page alleged use cannot amount even accessed published c's action succeed. substantially constitute contextually includes adoption endorsement specific general reference enough find excluding scope inadequate solution novel raised internet. blanket exclusion exaggerates difference between treats alike thereby disregarding vary greatly how make available parties consequently harm can cause people's reputations. common law components: makes comprehensible receipt understood. simple absent understood directs order satisfy requirements first component balance probabilities performed deliberate readily form. played more passive instrumental role making determining consider factors user-activated automatic link opposed being restricted matter bearing ease referenced will relevant inquiry. succeed also second probabilities, namely requirement satisfied either adducing direct asking draw based notably where located relation others presented users after web sites question changes correlate concerning behaviour once establishes prima facie invoke defences. acted conduit his having regard totality circumstances inferred placed site's home separate addresses reader take further constituted meaningful barrier did gain availability thus concerned nature support brought knowledge respect cases cited applied mcnichol grandy [1931 s.c.r approved carter b.c federation foster parents assn bcca b.c.l.r (4th referred grant torstar corp [2009 gaskin retail credit stanley shaw b.c.a.c hiltz seamone nova scotia attorney (1997 n.s.r (2d aff'd "truth (n.z holloway [1960 w.l.r lambert thomson [1937 o.r pullman walter hill q.b clerk barn k.b e.r. hird wood s.j buchanan jennings [2004 ukpc 36, [2005 a.c polson davis f.supp f.2d (1990 crain lightner s.e.2d spike golding n.s.r. society composers authors music providers vizetelly mudie's select library sun life assurance smith son e.r rep bunt tilley [2006 ewhc 407, metropolitan international schools designtechnica klein biben n.y macfadden anthony n.y.s.2d zeran america online inc f.3d barrett rosenthal cal.4th fair housing san fernando valley llc dell computer des consommateurs [2007 church scientology toronto [1995 wic radio simpson, [2008 reno american u.s. barrick gold lopehandia (3d botiuk press publications knupffer london express butler southam nsca bou malhab diffusion métromédia cmr [2011] s.c.r. simpson 297; gambrill schooley (1901 biben, day bream godfrey demon dow jones gutnick [2002 hca 56, c.l.r matsqui dist wilson meyer p.3d (2005 pond electric scott hull n.e.2d byrne deane hellar bianco p.2d (1952 tacket motors urbanchich drummoyne municipal aust ¶81-127 frawley state new south wales nswsc underhill corser [2010 1195; islam expo spectator jameel wall street journal europe sprl ukhl statutes regulations charter rights freedoms. code québec s.q communications decency u.s.c r.s.b.c rules reg 221/90 18a. balkin jack future digital age (2009 pepp. rev baynham bryan daniel reid "the modern-day soapbox materials prepared continuing legal education seminar vancouver: boivin denis "accommodating reputation (1996-1997 queen's l.j brown raymond vol 2nd ed. scarborough ont carswell loose-leaf updated release collins matthew 3rd york: oxford university dalal anjali "protecting preserving amendment values (2011 const danay robert medium message reconciling (2010 mcgill gatley 11th patrick milmo rogers. sweet maxwell iacobucci frank "recent developments privacy global technology (1999 u.n.b.l.j klar lewis tort 4th thomson/carswell lidsky lyrissa barnett "silencing john discourse cyberspace (2000 duke linden allen bruce feldthusen 8th markham, lexisnexis butterworths lindsay david via research paper melbourne centre osborne philip irwin ross june fails enter (1996 alta sableman mark "link revisited linking five years (2001 berkeley tech streeter jeremy deception exception approach section 2(b) impact (2003 u.t fac judgment (prowse saunders bauman jj.a d.l.r w.a.c c.c.l.t w.w.r b.c.j carswellbc affirming kelleher bcsc (3d) donald jordan q.c kasting appellants. burnett harvey delaney respondent. wendy matheson andrew bernstein molly reynolds intervener association. richard dearden wagner clinic. william mcdowell marguerite ethier naomi loewith colin baxter netcoalition. roy millen paul schabas goheen anderson ludmila herbst council. delivered communicated least (grant para device routinely whereby word phrase identified often underlining portal additional, related clicking connects information. issue connect said publish material. background president sole shareholder series lawsuits against claimed responsible arguing represented smear campaign him members green canada. called websites crookes. mr. hyperlink, webpage "deep directly taken content. following excerpt newton's posting: under i've just met michael pilling runs too defamation. time politician we've decided pool our resources focus attention appalling canada's ancient decrepit laws tomorrow p2pnet run post mike troubles releasing statement very near future. [a.r 125] openpolitics ten three anonymously wrote remove got response lawyer newton, request refused hyperlinks. [10 allege anything rather, argued refusing told their character himself became publisher then record whether, many clicked followed. [11 submission [12 j.a whom j.a. concurred dismissed b.c.l.r. agreeing found comments footnote card index republication saw accept sufficient paras [13 prowse dissented analogy" dispositive her moreover suggests therefore [14 pursuant r.s.b.c. deemed occurred certain situations is, nonetheless inserted presumed follow reject conclude refers. [15 complains imposed high burden proof essentially requiring claims deprives ability rely (see conclusion need address argument. analysis [16 irrelevant: limitations transferring [footnotes omitted (stanley citing (loose- leaf 7.3) see s.c c.a p.c rowell c.j.o lord esher m.r. [17 argues definition remarks leads because done clicks link. [18 disseminator/sole paradigm breadth activity captured vast k.b. example printer's servant whose clap down printing libels despite aware contents pointing sign displaying merely facilitating communication publication: e.g kan 10th cir liable voice statements overheard room. [19 range conduct: [the orally written printed symbolic ceremony dramatic pantomime mime brochure gesture, handbill letter photograph placard cartoon inscribed blackboard mirror telephone pole building gable property front cheque entered database downloaded appear ariel banner flown behind airplane someone's drawn writing already circulation given left place set motion death each (brown [20 defendants obtained relief rule's significant development innocent dissemination defence protects play distribution system news agents booksellers libraries 783-84 socan subordinate distributors escape showing put them notice suspect committed negligence failing out (socan q.b. 7.12(6 [21 recently jurisprudence emerged suggesting [2006] considering potential service provider hold i]t plays process knowing involvement (para emphasis original [22 acknowledging these like type helpful guidance point york appeals saying details washington hebrew 1944" libel. [23 sup complaint host collier's magazine relying referring neither nor [24 relied mentioning discussion forum newsletter republishing proposition comment (at hall [25 agree avoids formalistic application recognizes importance communicative expressive function sources hyperlinks, justice demonstrate untenable situation view. [26 involved referencing own involve exerting communicating former involves audience latter goal expand publication's participation ancillary initial acts. features distinguish posting repetition. [27 directed operator produced primary end changed whoever controls although what lindsay, [28 generally participate serve insulate united states pepp 433-34 cal 9th [29 selecting wants might facilitate transfer hallmark equally clear leaving moving individual 97-102 [30 share same relationship neutral expresses opinion [31 interpretation better accords court's recent recognized stake individual's protecting public's expression: [32 pre-charter approaches largely leaned towards began modified "honest belief developed matters recognize achieving proper foundational democratic institutions para. [33 interpreting exclude sophisticated appreciation transformation alta. 2(b 746-47 hon u.s [34 internet's capacity disseminate described great innovations facilitated rather discouraged indispensable operation explains 5.42: synapses connecting parts world wide catalogue full sure means it. 78-79 [35 centrality compellingly explained internet" 1017: long critical provide visitors navigate internally phrases, arguments ideas endless expanse become pamphleteer [h]yperlinks paths among bustling corners pamphlets inviting passersby engage deeply .while concerns motivating legitimate limiting poses danger innovation [citations [36 short usefulness subjecting restricting chill functions devastating want risk changeable core significance impairing whole functioning strict trying fit square archaic peg hexagonal hole modernity. [37 moment wish minimize potentially harmful impacts resile asserting individuals' reputations entitled vigorous protection right confer licence ruin (grant, powerful kinds vehicle blair tremendous power approval silencing dow: 863-64: ephemeral qualities gossip accuracy through pervasive print reason enters millions people worldwide frequented handful republish likely forwarding instantly forum. sufficiently provocative republished again extraordinary replicate almost endlessly lends credence notion truth rarely catches lie problem law, protect squelching [blair removed [38 activities greater anonymity amplify harmed online: rapid expansion coupled surging popularity social networking services facebook twitter everyone unfamiliar destroyed mouse anonymous email ill-timed tweet. (bryan law: seminar, [39 persuaded exposing ultimately conveys inquiries depend respectively attending reasonable persons understand tend lower estimation right-thinking (botiuk discerned implications bear p.1-15 5.4(1 121, [2011 [40 uses plaintiff's vindicate depends remedy way, individuals attract expressed occur places [41 preventing plaintiffs suing contain leave unable previously noted creates wishes prevent most effective lies [42 existence and/or location otherwise promotes respects realities little fall limits writer/any act/one deserve scrutiny [43 distinctions automatically display dealing inherent inexorable fluidity evolving technologies strikes unwise attempt anticipate let alone comprehensively varieties embedded well consequence cases, differences addressed courts below, here. [44 conduct insertion crookes's argument webpages accessed, documents [45 dismiss costs. chief [46 large respectfully propose formulation test [47 terms inclusion justification notes content, 26-27 neutral" [48 concludes [o]nly combined indicates communicates agreement adopt endorse approvingly later becomes liable. [49 consistent held: writes approves originally utters injury. [50 sum to. [51 true approve proposed standard conceptually remains accessible incorporate comes include surrounding ceases itself. [52 add eye technological changes. `publication necessary correct projects frame prompting sort dealt arise. [53 [54 offers yet opportunity promotion took incremental steps improve recognizing modernizing defences instant determine notwithstanding broad adjustment promote [55 "publication established known [i]t bilateral listener observer information" (loose-leaf components [56 needs reconsidered owing forms answering course mind feature bar answer adaptable modes change. [57 colleague concept altered longer reference, simply o]nly disagree purport doing depart bright-line give prefer outline accommodate law. [58 create specifically hand disregards [59 nuanced revising effectively every [60 reconciled important" unlike due weight grounded recognition significantly person's enable seek parties. [61 unaware available: "socan mentioned shortcoming colleague's instead focuses narrowly aspect governing problematically one-sided suffer recourse perpetuate [62 devoid amounted disregard complete until receives understands "to shout aloud desert moor hears (gambrill [63 admits inasmuch unless adduces satisfies adduced costs able raise [64 types pages ordinary always user transferred "framing framing appears "frame automatic, simultaneously accesses distinction variety e-mail messages on-line fora specified user- activated [65 july passage: thanks lawsuit [66 underlined passage alleges interlinked defaming "wayne site, seven preceded line restrictions. [67 august demanded november interrogatories subsequently offered explanation refusal (a.r [68 february silent surfers jurisdiction reside. [69 company applications summary 18a granted [70 rejected contention judge's failure adduce fatal position analogy provided immediate chose endorsed b.c. "reference cautioned mean differently [71 judges unanimous rejecting points spoke legislature broadcasts newspapers paras. 32-33 appropriately determined [72 (bauman accepting term app comparable bare [73 supported actively operated infer stated allowed appeal. positions [74 whenever facts reasonably contends deliberateness immediacy facilitation characterizes incorporated embedding brings (a.f 61-62 [75 submits disputes [i]n accessing attenuated required keystroke endorses supporting together [76 rejects supports (r.f [77 transmission copying presentation choice facilitates justify occurs degree wrong principle finally posting/reading meet iii [78 divergent ever, closely resembles "ccla "should reserved (ccla factum reaches group composed broadcast organizations argue equated threaten compete fulfil mandates coalition 42-43 [79 "bccla clinic "cippic appropriate instances involving variants explicit bccla cippic step submitting convincing evidentiary (cippic explicitly nexus [80 seeks defamation, communicated" sent agent understanding (mcnichol [1931] duff (as 7.8; [81 [82 limited a]ll jointly extends procure citations "where book procuring design tortious concurrent tortfeasors realize committing [83 historically precise method employed immaterial "there (1837 parcels putting centuries elapsed clerk. [84 begun incrementally impose actions evolution look broadly jurisdictions england australia mindful statutory gutnick, [85 emerging consensus commentators conception according prof knowingly added pleading silence colo silently adopted s]ilence n.e.2d. [l]iability respond damages predicated positive sought charged [86 proprietors golf club piece premises admitted denied greene refraining removing obliterating really continued presence put? 7th n.s.w [87 progeny nonfeasance ratification assessment defendant, treasurer board member charity levelling accusations gave thought tugendhat prevented distinguished concluding [88 "isp stored server notified isp requested remain servers expired days isp's subscriber adoption, [89 isps though welcome shielded responsibility [90 illustrates engaged google snippets" generated engine eady inc. appearance snippets screens 50-51 [91 plain show requires available. [92 refinements improvements rule, continue developing circumscribe [93 (mcnichol, [94 fact. asked immediately receiving practice presently eyes ears hear concern [95 complained narrows reveal barriers her. [96 regards extent essence, superficially inaccurate equate reproduce locate obtain within contrast whatsoever tap finger effort less turning ubiquity overlooked. [97 arbitration clause provision designed deal contractual stipulations external clauses physically contract adopting contextual main difficult command [i.e applicable inconsistent environment real scrolling analogously documents, several whereas computer's screen favour configuration other. consumer conditions sale copy entire appeared back page. [98 [99 inquiry factual prudent desirable indicating exact hinder few observations list exhaustive [100 [101 [r]eferencing rigid consequences formal evades questions heart deliberately rationale play. [102 particularly reluctant fashion adopts ensure properly attuned evolve hardly possible adapt [103 exempting legislators §230 criterion nowhere legislation protected immunity enjoyed operators [104 english capable claimant four regarded conceptual level looking identify defamed principles same. [105 excluded favoured reputational interests pronouncement important (hill sue intended easy achieve line, [106 rule. [107 proving [108 legislatures provinces presumptions apply broadcast[s refrain one. [109 inferring quoting observed proves case. [110 overlap necessarily automatic; users. [111 insofar agree. expressing [112 things onus shifts worth discussing briefly hyperlinking. [113 past alluded [t]he sometimes bookstores vendors speaking, [114 criteria good holding creator's last dynamic hyperlinker's operate now widely dissuade overeager litigants chilling [115 court, a.c. publishes defined "public expansively confined government political zealand figure sullivan qualifications cast genuine ranging science arts religion, morality wide-ranging debate reflected jurisprudence. [116 avoid liability. [117 evident sustained maintain aspects narrow view, approached wider perspective adjustments sweeping declaration possibility [118 [119 equivalent carrier ground restrictions [120 open politics consult initially i.e them. [121 [122 [123 regarding [124 exactly unclear addresses. premised [125 move concerned. [126 above field legislature. [127 determinative proven come context, numbers 18-month period [128 stands tell trier assess volume "hits compared norm usual reside tantamount offensive bald upon [129 [130 existing arguably solicitors stewart aulinger vancouver. owen bird corporation torys toronto. gowling lafleur henderson ottawa. lenczner slaght royce griffin blake cassels graydon publishers' farris vaughan wills murphy

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