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the supreme court british columbia citation pan gao, bcsc date docket s1611795 registry vancouver between: miaofei plaintiff and bing chen gao defendant before honourable madam justice sharma reasons for judgment counsel l.d ridgedale, s.j marescaux, yan appearing person place trial b.c. october 4-6 10-13, 2017, november february table contents preliminary matters claim pleadings application re-open admit fresh evidence summary testimony plaintiff’s witnesses daoling liang suping allan zhang defendant’s ning louis huang wang authenticity reliability documents parties’ credibility legal principles defamation defences truth responsible communication fair comment iii analysis defamatory meanings article one december are impugned statements defamatory? any apply with respect one? public interest recognizable based fact facts which truly stated could others honestly express opinion? malice two two? three three? comment. four four? five six seven seven? eight january eight? nine can rely defence communication? were publications matter interest? seriousness importance urgency status sources whether plaintiff's side story was sought accurately reported inclusion statement justifiable lay that they made rather than their additional considerations conclusion conclusions remedies about damages injunction costs alleges published series articles between defamed him sues seeks general aggravated punitive permanent denies but found submits protected from liability either true result businessman who immigrated canada china held volunteer leadership positions charitable associations well known chinese-canadian community “community associations” journalist blogs under pseudonym “hebian huang”. worked years immigrating currently holds number chinese language media outlets. however issue this case contained wrote his own capacity. had never met communicated prior trial. allegedly social account written english translations entered exhibits together original represented himself during neither party speaks translated interpreter hired indeed entire same interpreter. does not dispute posted wechat platform popular amongst speaking people around world claims prompted investigate then write because titled “influential chinese-canadians paying attend private fundraisers trudeau” globe mail newspaper dinner hosted home prime minister trudeau attended along other introduced into its contents. following extracts refer significance testified when saw attending rally recalled article’s reference piqued interest: … chan most recent fundraiser nov west mansion b.c developer multimillionaire wenzhou province decade ago more guests got pictures taken 1,500 per ticket event including chan. told lobbied make easier well-heeled investors come said program put former conservative government too harsh exchange residency rich immigrants must invest 2-million subject strict audits. ‘if don't business over here cannot stay have leave country wanted know very merciful policy towards these want stay,’ ‘it's all investment needs friends wealthy invest.’ agency hometown builds ties keeps tabs expatriate supplied photos trudeau-pan china. foreign overseas affairs office people's promotes china's interests abroad according canadian diplomat expert charles burton. ‘that communist party,’ burton ‘the appeared metropolis daily suggests participated activity been tasked state try promote position influential canada. our minister.’ honorary chair organization unabashed backer beijing's territorial south sea east sea. part campaign groups support government's japan islands close key shipping lanes bountiful fishing grounds possible petroleum reserves. year quoted macau saying alliance ’declared stand newspapers’ ‘overseas defending integrity.’ symposium speakers backed assertion title reefs banks issued ‘strongly supports sovereignty sea.’ has identified says exist “articles” addition president zhejiang united friendship society “zhejiang association” vice-president “wenzhou society” chartered accountant. called (louis colleague friend associate plaintiff. [10 submitted deficient explicitly raised did understand complain justification pleadings. [11 recently noted appeal weaver corcoran bcca [corcoran define clarify issues law determine give notice para [12 while acknowledged difficulties faced non-english conducting without lawyer she should lenient regarding fundamental elements test rules those factors asserted would unfair [13 response civil plead find bar being amended filed march “[a]s years” second states “has working investigative thirty satisfied places circumstances clear out many sufficient invoke deny aware prejudiced allowing argued. [14 difficult appear tone style themselves submissions manner presented large portions opinion commentary allow [15 although concede there surprise prejudice knowing meet goals ensuring precise [16 court’s foremost obligation ensure both parties flows primary duty done seen courtrooms just [17 requires ignore specific court. seeking advantage special accommodation instead sued right chose defend understanding man means enlisted assistance read speak albeit some struggle permitted sit little familiarity processes almost material translation through translator. [18 also raise asserts several upon involving specifically paragraphs figure paragraph famous leader entrepreneur examine closely strictly” citizens “question suspicious tax especially leaders” pled millionaire variety societies question taxes honestly” present order scrutinize invite reveal facts. [19 pleads 6(g entertained canadians someone “not only organizations connections officials” times drawn reasonable inferences what “question” certain see “my responsibility disclose interview unfairness” [20 arose context revealed necessarily focussed reading discern forward truth. [21 view probably successfully amendment end identify amounting since discussing normal course may resulted adjournment consider needed amend re-frame given thorough unnecessary. [22 accordingly appropriate way proceed [23 took longer originally scheduled completed returned provide final complete day last [24 introduce time fully address directed pursue further need file supporting affidavits agreed filed, heard april [25 bring relied affidavit, affirmed events after 14, show “standing remains undamaged” continues “honoured recognized work” refers following: printout website largest stated-owned new first session 12th shandong provincial committee people’s political consultative conference cppcc attached affidavit short news “list members non-voting groups” deposed serves advisory body attendance “represents highest honour community”. describes “a prominent chinese-language vancouver” lahoo alliance’s celebration attendees included consul tong xiaoling leaders appears photographs proximity picture consul-general indicative undiminished reputation. another sichuanese association’s others) receiving certificate appreciation qiquan group consulate sichuan reports association “distinguished guests” “honorary chairperson pan”. dawa press described society’s 18th anniversary “grand inaugural ceremony” newly elected directors “fourth fifth attorney david eby trade george chow shows “certificate honour” vancouver. [26 provided responsive disputes submission honoured mentioned above capacity “did receive recognition related roles” appointed “any [27 responses that: consultant 5th role “highest honours government” merely observer participate decision-making process recognition. sub-paragraphs holiday celebrations carry role” guest friends. received mark donation august victims earthquake similarly form “appear relation thought recall making blank felt “uncomfortable embarrassed” it. invited previous embassy [28 opposed adduce reality cross-examination hearsay inadmissible basis fail. [29 alternative admissible fails asks draw unreasonable evidence, type likely change outcome event. [30 judges discretion even decision rendered long hodgkinson 158, paras considered opened review discussed helpfully summarized latter zhu ehrcke set 20: entry formal judge wide re- open hear evidence. exercised sparingly greatest care prevent fraud abuse court's process. onus applicant miscarriage occur re-opened result. proposed relevant consideration deciding admission exercise due diligence determinative important re-opened. [31 relies houston kine stone ellerman, cases helpful addressed slightly different me. [32 finish allotted month hiatus days resumption existence intention video surveillance shortly adjourned half months earlier upheld judge’s refusal late disclosure fatal regardless prejudice. [33 balance probative value prejudicial effect failed adequately describe list amounted failure accordance “new” pain journal kept her examination chief thus controlling factor decision. [34 somewhat came evidentiary portion concluded finished inadequate wished supported makes situation akin attempt “continue cross-examination” already characterized [35 applying stipulated possibility simply nevertheless threshold high prove probabilities “miscarriage justice” secondly [36 reputation suffered obliged damage once established where alleged assess quantum damages, extent admissible: saturley cibc markets inc nssc point elaborated best spasic [2004 o.j s.c.j intangible things compensatory award designed repair injury sustained lessening esteem eyes caused feelings emphasized windfall “must flow directly required plaintiff”. [37 allegation “nocc” posts “malice spite ill will calculated disparage serves…” furthermore 389-91 closing motivated “to attack community” succeeded doing particularly harmful “attack undermine ability roles similar future”. [38 asking particular harm contradicts such alleged. [39 denied confirmed substance therefore meets concern zhu. [40 total 360,000 450,000 largely strength how writings affected clearly credible challenges led allowed considering adduced yet persuaded light [41 dismissed goes weight admissibility [42 dated fairness [43 moved wife daughters sets twins real estate admitted person. [44 active member serving explained lucky successful grew poverty back now [45 description contested used world-wide believed billion users free fast charity involved uses communicates individuals within belongs understood common subscribed forwarded people. [46 house organized liberal objected insinuation referred influence economic instructed lawyers newspaper. intimated topic letter confirm retraction printed. [47 sent continued publish why treated “western” outlets “chinese” media. [48 false ever contact ask verify articles. [49 major child benefit “ctb” sentences “… concealed income unbearable embarrassing full mere 30,000 qualify for?” direct asked “[h]ave you questionnaire revenue your $30,000 annually?” answered line questioning answers answer meant ceiling claiming ctb. [50 gave weekly magazine “china weekly” firmly significant indicated ctb despite unaware until litigation interviewed purpose. [51 re-direct household eligible collect ample savings mid-trial ordered produce returns remarkably throughout litigation. [52 responded allegations project left “hundreds” facing financial losses huachen yipin “project” company city linyang “linyang company”) won bid sold shares zufan zheng became sole owner involvement whatsoever nor ran capital detained local police connection occurred [53 ownership inconsistent conceded name still listed majority shareholder share register maintained industrial commercial administration bureau “share registry” speculated purchaser pay prevented updating reflect sale updated “the authority understood” mean somehow accepted accurate [54 none direct-examination cross- think “necessary” mention might testimony. [55 personally owed amounts owing companies bills accounted appearance unpaid authentic claimed went attempting get information properties security past off so-called dishonoured” nothing else consistent personal non- payment debts [56 having “paid them” serve donated money tied return anything nefarious obtained positions. [57 (the resigned terms resigning served lot maintain honourary president” accept “just regular now” executive chairman “alliance” june retired [58 donating loaned 400,000 $400,000 help build facility later obtaining “may spent 50,000” alliance. [59 despair emotional depression, sleeplessness anxiety depressed attacked performing good works damaged hardly exists. [60 statements, decided seems contradict 25(c apparently report doubt (after “didn’t more” remain publication casts doubts [61 lose opportunities potential partner expressed integrity character each time” loss trust describing lost stating zheng’s [62 toward blackmail offered belief him. [63 election “horrifying battle” race articles) unopposed. [64 “experience “would suitable take reason “financially capability… president…you definitely contribution organize money”. secured 100,000 [65 subscriber [66 initially believe collected chosen wrong president’s spoke “couldn’t completely plaintiff] anybody else” changed refutation accusation reasoning anyone actually launch action done. [67 finance promise 10,000 few 400,000. [68 contributions replied “yes every year-end parties…that’s contribute buy gifts fellow townsmen”. [69 mind “after plaintiff’s] wife” conversation “i don’t…of you.” [70 witness production re-take testify accountant practice fairhall associates limited applied always prepared returns. [71 concerns veracity zhang’s mr. questions accounting firm shown page generals bearing [72 “li jing services” “fairhall associates” services proprietorship owned part-time wife’s forms. [73 work employment importantly explain questioned record ceased operations [74 regard printed suggested created inaccurate purpose rebutting lawsuit suggestion credit. [75 disagreed “restore” forms print tender them transcript, 46-47 client recordkeeping set… firms archiving pdf files…so it’s restore data [76 extremely experienced possess single copy filing produced explanation detail below 169-174 crucial adverse inference against [77 editor reporter sing tao blogger huang” post previously cancelled accounts [78 writing contain posting “overseas focus net” republished web traffic site 16,870 contests low. youtube channel “huang bian bao” videos [79 informed research uncovered based. attempted so. [80 tendered various screenshots websites agencies verified included: • officials; project; 2011; xinhua 2016; enforcement website” 2017; debt document lucheng district hanpin ouhai july “listing dishonest debtors” ;this notices cangnan county bureau, online) september 2015; huize holding ltd “company basic information” 2009; wenzhouness canada; lingyang [81 reproduced challenged certification constituted hearsay. [82 print-outs official dare hold controls internet notorious fact. [83 intuitive logic content demonstrate assertions add genuine documents’ insufficient authentic. [84 using assumption traits characteristics shared men similarities twin girls emigrated youth institution entrepreneurship records telling running fuel whistler assisted officer great impression much better behaved recounted [85 witnesses. [86 strive accuracy independently verifying “very credibility”. [87 showing substantial online stated: detailed implementation prc tax-levying law’ ‘tax notice’ bulletin soon sic deemed you. cause construction maintenance education surtax etc. service yourself bureau…to delay penalty charge.’ [88 screenshot lists shareholding representative recorded million yuan injected search county’s industry commerce depei trading wife. [89 totality preceding proves actively reliable portal commerce. [90 “bought” pointed paid 50,000 donations combined timing immigration quickly assumed proof amount associations. [91 dishonoured retrieved card carrying [92 owes debt. [93 “independent personality” “comments provides commentaries stories that’s often going world”. [94 huang’s positive version defendant. [95 q.b bad deal wang’s detention days. [96 “research”. [97 trusted documents. [98 judicial democratic supervises access controversial operate ways accountability entities includes newspapers that. [99 recognize omnipotent control exercises unlikely purported “official” argued truthful. [100 sincerely arm media[1 [101 argument automatically shut down “imposter” compelling notoriously reasonably inference. [102 establishing [103 serious evasive defensive “had answer” keep finances confidential scoffed obvious disdain behaviours observed tend hinder credibility. [104 impacts “truth” absent request “shifting burden” onto burden establish defended true. [105 ruled litigants possession “could available disprove fact” rule 7-1(1 shifting listing comply produced. [106 initial non-disclosure troubling drawing (which 169-177 [107 inherent irreconcilable contradictions knowledge heavily professed degree ignorance taxation insisted though cogent legally entitled. [108 disquieting contradiction less forced innocent mistake misunderstanding untruthful chief. [109 unsupported stop publishing endured whom testify, brief. [110 corroboration intending call corroborate entirely unsubstantiated undermines overall [111 discussion grave approach caution. [112 contrast sincere tried believes honest trying expose wrongdoing words kind animus witness. [113 agree relating irrelevant unproven purportedly something bias [114 professional software manipulate creating defunct coincidentally [115 concerning [116 copies cra. [117 recognizes individual’s central sense self-worth dignity tarnished repairing one’s protection balanced charter guarantee freedom expression hill church scientology toronto [1995 scr 124.the overstated press. [118 prima facie elements: lower person; meaning least [119 grant torstar corp scc classic phrase restated abella j.a (as broadcasting color o.r (3d c.a colour tendency injure tends say estimation right-thinking generally regarded hatred contempt ridicule fear dislike disesteem judged standard ordinary thinking society. hence objective constitutes articulate low stifle unduly imperil protect person's impressions broadcast assessed perspective thoughtful overly fragile sensibility attributed viewers. [120 comments – “overly sensibility” widely assessing crosses e.g ball [121 follows “[n]ot criticism disparaging defamatory” lougheed wilson rev’d part, conveyed genuinely threatened actual vander zalm publishers (1980 d.l.r b.c.c.a [122 depends natural whole “traditional axiom bane antidote together’ ‘sting’ neutralized publication” [123 imprecise instruments lead minds reach divergent distinct courts avoid assuming worst proper 79: …a source materials purposes evaluating surrounding contemporaneity intimately connected affect meaning… [124 finding capable mainstream staniford 14-15 [mainstream [125 pritchard van nes attract outlined scenarios intends authorizes behalf (ii publishes moral repeat (iii republication probable publication. [126 establishes falsity presumed shifts advance escape liability. tort unnecessary careless intended 28-29. [127 depending 159-60 wic radio simpson 26: ‘comment’ ‘deduction remark observation incapable proof’ brown's 2nd (loose-leaf cites proposition pith properly construed editorial loose figurative hyperbolic brown vol 27-317 debate campaigns discourse [128 substantially succeed reader listener pleaded citing adair casses [129 gist sting true” minor inaccuracies succeeding “so impression” [130 determines liable nazerali mitchell varied [131 protects defendants publisher acted responsibly interest. [132 first, diligent statement(s circumstances. [133 statement's involves factual issues, primarily "to interest, ‘must inviting attention affects welfare considerable notoriety controversy attached’… s]ome segment stake published” [134 determining constitute communication: statement; matter; source; reported; justifiable; "reportage and; considerations. [135 non-exhaustive considered. [136 binnie values protecting reputations unjustified lays defence: interest; fact; include recognisable comment; satisfy proved facts? satisfies defeated subjectively actuated malice. [137 “broad concept” “relatively easy discharge” “notion generously interpreted” like [138 requirement 31: [t]he implicitly indicate sufficiently otherwise listeners able merits foundation unstated unknown turns available… [139 raymond thomson reuters 15-84 15-86 passage cited creative salmon 58: [the patently distorted materially misstated incomplete alteration necessary commented omitted fundamentally complexion stated. [footnotes omitted] [140 “[s]tatements purporting inventions fabrications mis-statements truths plea comment” 15-115 bears proof. [141 proven [142 invokes defence, focuses motives proving smith cross kirkpatrick 34: comment: reckless indifference dominant injuring animosity improper indirect, occasion privileged occasion. [143 recklessly untrue absolutely charge [144 cory 145: commonly ill-will indirect motive ulterior conflicts mutual created… m]alice dishonestly disregard truth… [145 conduct [146 observations order. [147 critical vital isolation onerous reproduce emphasize conducted findings nocc. [148 interpretation. colourful phrases analogies idioms sarcasm humour rhetorical hand-drawn cartoon expressions exaggerated engaging captivating inclination interpret offensive tempered inherently flamboyant style. [149 analyzed translation; outside “lost translation” root logographic interpretation word capture analyzing [150 chronological brief “impugned statements” nocc conclude unless otherwise. [151 turn repetition among next analyze applicability [152 actions [153 lived luxury benefit” comprises pages ignoring advertisements “pop-up” appears. [154 beginning “chinese exclusion” richmond main thrust descent publicly protest discriminated canada, impact protests “anti-chinese flyers” circulated criticized encouraging participation “if willing suit pressing guys join mobilizing anyway many, myself feel way” “so-called ‘ideological trend exclusion’ non-existent”. [155 authors accusations anti-chinese immigrant flyers target unjust: “living mansions taxes.” nation nonpayment underpayment unlawful sanctions punishment conclusive evading reporting accuse taxes” irresponsible… [156 wrote: [a]fter burst laughing binding trash small furtive vast itself inappropriate collecting benefits chronic illness families abhorred nonetheless burdened notoriety”. act wronged innocent. [157 “alliance brought today” hosting “worth upwards yuan”[3 “surprisingly granted low- government”. [158 reviewing author individual named “unbearably embarrassing” conceal “amazingly ironic” parade. “[w]e concealed”. [159 defame (impugned dictated individuals. relationship naturally can’t really correction evidence! fled wang. unbearably for? isn’t amazingly ironic today’s “protest” parade? westerners discriminate circumstances[… surely doesn’t 2,000 benefits, benefit. [160 convey innuendo: gain entitled; evaded taxes; discrimination [161 13(a identity furtherance interviewee coincidences “proof” admits defamatory. [162 qualified “can’t se” “as evidence” expected refute [163 note alleging entitled” broader difference presumably represent monetary strictly one. [164 accused declaring entitled 13(b [165 13(c offers complaints warranted criticizes participating circumstances”. [166 sentence “discriminate” unorthodox possibly erroneous suggesting attracted behaviour disagreeable “westerners” anywhere article. [167 13(d conveys message “good representative” labelling identifiable vague meaningless wrongly poor example model person”. [168 links mobilized alliance, condemns publically professing [169 problematic aspects disturbing ought chance correct deficiency cra omission discussions 70-76 [170 looking create generates signature run raw sophisticated allows professionals implications blending amendments figures dates reliable. [171 boxes blacked redactions [172 summaries clients assessment either. [173 via oversight. [174 opportunity arguably remedy relying [175 enough direct- unqualified recant buttress reversal eroded [176 ones noteworthy permission ahead remove privacy sealed redacted black factors, infer disclosed “true income”. [177 evade [178 applies subjective [179 (iv [180 pause leading (i.e step examining i.e preferable [181 385-391 underlying pertinent adopt aspect [182 addresses para. garnered national reminded protesting importance. [183 unavailable argues [184 disagree “good” “bad” moreover discuss subheading. [185 home. “representing” fashion undisputed representation opinion. [186 above. [187 focusses attitude demeanour depend [188 demonstrating knew demonstrates wavier element met. [189 consistently reckless. [190 finally hurt threats hostility solely engaged pursuit sincere. [191 points “arrogant defiance” “bullying” bullying. cease stubborn genuine. [192 harboured repeated principled dogmatic stance intimidate silence wedded ideological [193 motivations revealing perceived misconduct injustice keen cowed views stances unrelated vendetta vindictiveness [194 occasioned attacking socio- agree. [195 diametrically power other’s unbending equate malicious mistaken strident philosophy intent. [196 motivation journalists today “dislike” dislike, considers class division inequality his/her corruption subject-person happens wealthy. [197 advocating intent certainly defiant uncompromising beliefs unyielding continue uncover enlightenment betterment lack term “little guy”. [198 use topics stylistic animus. [199 discharge operating [200 “threatens sue sharing again comrade pan’s arrears faint heart unveiling secrets ‘questionable’ ii” excluding advertisements, pop-ups authored comprised covering pages. [201 begins repeating read: cent mislead smear start spread rumors twist venues dear chairs vice advisors co-chairs thoughts? [202 “[l]ooking battle formations figured lifting ‘lid war’ wasn’t all!” intentional exaggerations sometimes assume humour. [203 win continuation continued: “[e]ither spilled beans totally fictitious mouth blame these?” reproduces [204 “[s]ince suing pal conditions him” captures sarcastic [205 screen shot lingxi branch [206 plaintiff: abiding curiosity uninformed spectators let mainland agencies…and honor don’t steps look it! friendly reminder shout lawsuits willy-nilly …. [207 16: stunned yesterday current concealment receipt low-incomes patriotic suddenly turned senior “questionable” leader”. readers you’ve 32.312m rmb $6m cad top sales development forth totalling 440,000 rmb. collection winhuan yang. onlookers rub hard digit separators mrs 9.2m tax. 32,312,000 9,200,000 41,952,000 8.3m [although bolded text goodness”, accompanied angry chickens folks pans owe wonder earth earn year. declared half-baked building county. defrauded hundreds buyers constructed frontline person-in-charge pan. we’ve learned far police. [208 improperly obtain benefit; owing; purchasers partners suspected criminal activity. [209 17(a [210 “government owing” 17(b someone’s [211 democracy harbour treats fairly temper rebut perception persuade suggest government. [212 17(c harmed [213 17(d “frontline pan” “criminal” behaviour. [214 nowhere authorities immediately lawful legitimate criminality. breadth caught government’s wider fall category. [215 [216 paras169- defence. [217 ultimately harming comes has. [218 selling fail capital, causing transfer registered fee registry’s on”. [219 damaging “knew on” registry? question. background attempts answering questions. [220 resisted lent “selling” evasiveness reluctance trouble accepting denial [221 buttresses avowed disassociation particular, owners expanded company’s loan sharks charged profess details involvement. [222 “plaintiff’s business”. [223 [224 “$450k $550k guess ‘official positions’ iii” contains length. [225 “[t]here texts “even witnesses” “when leader[5 brazenly…[a cadre helpers sure follow behind boat” chat “sweet talking leader” “beyond hilarious” theme explored paragraphs. [226 pamphlet sums coincidental donations. [227 15th 16th ascended spending remarked “it ‘self-proclaimed’ circles registering dollars” “what thickheads spend lights home?” fact, everyone misjudged “rich businesspeople brainy” [228 speculates “wear …regions ‘troubles’ bluff competitors inept officials government…”. [229 sections are: ‘production live concealing taxes’ pan, weren’t “honourable” saving thing hope straighten invigorate organization. “lawyer’s letters.” nonsensical badgering dealing quite tentatively renege “reform” save declining “leaders.” leadership’ compete “serving people” invariably predecessor townsman teng shelled 50,000. pledge contributing funding premises headquarters smoothly… gathered undergoing “horrifyingly brutal expended secure presidency “record achievements” verification spent. …the shell “have discussions” mandate townsmen’s townsmen sound practices missed conditioned becoming buying. 2012-2013 embroiled sorts eager titles wear jinan shanghai regions “troubles,” clear-handed way. basically trick pulled delivered results. [230 meritorious business, organizations. [231 22(a ordinarily innuendo opening “that “two ‘honorable’… ” referencing ground. [232 22(b advantages. [233 confluence person’s confer implies quid pro quo arrangement plaintiff‘s advantages philanthropy [234 [235 “spending money” contradicted liang’s “definitely contribution” cost prefer donate sum [236 conditional chen’s years. pledged executive. [237 president. [238 convinced desire unsuccessful [239 challenge gained incentive taking gains so, [240 noting “compete” “miaofei money.” rhetorically implied “no” relatively holders [241 pursued inferring place. [242 contends awan levant onca definitive explicit [243 highly improbable expect unrealistic publically. [244 board. [245 [246 nexus “some presidency”….but “further amount” maintains “spend [247 become association: penny association. president? no. [248 supported, [249 occupy latter, required. [250 22(c “personal reasons” connect “bluff associates, and…inept “troubles”. [251 implication unclear “facts” relative appointment recency [252 piece speculative spoken human nature powers suggestions influence. [253 [254 three. [255 “[explosive subordinate arrested banned leaving “deadbeat” travelling to/from iv” ½ [256 removed explains happened times. [257 “on edge losing sleep” denying referenced “faithless defaulters” exit re-entry visas collaboration transportation numbers travel results searching “public faithless defaulters across nation” list. [258 typically flew “he [local alliance]” inoculate occasions outright rumour!” dispel rumour volunteered away instead. [259 view, latest revelations “thump something”. [260 [261 starting canadian-alliance sleep, low-income purchasing brazenly outlet not. complex ensnared households covered pointing fingers boss scene fan underling undoubtedly arrested. presently custody leqing centre appeals higher “half-baked complex”, cagnan ready measures kinds “patriotic [chinese hat bulletproof vest exploited relationships developed narrowly tens millions taxes. double-faced exposed typical. hop stage acting old fellows pass noses what’s gross fun increasingly fools hotheads mainly sensitive feared gone deeper defrauding governments navigating thump table. [262 ctb; merit; interview; blamed him; exploit suffer; deceitful ‘played tricks’ governments. [263 26(a 26(d substantively wrongfully 232-233 26(b 26(c “was involved” [264 26(e avoided settling outstanding calling avoiding arrest distinguishing [265 dismiss pleading consequences visited avoidance alone achieve [266 bare herself (para 26(f “played tricks” 26(g essentially elaboration however, deceit “trickery” [267 deceived played tricks trickery passing tricking four. [268 four’s paras. [269 attribution parlayed drew relates [270 100s prominence [271 “buying” near “in days” indicia exists 240-244 downplayed “minor issue” “be sleep”. [272 remembered subscribe easily carefully sequence. [273 commentary. [274 business” “plaintiff “measures” “pointing scene” imply unlike [275 blunt “worked connections…and china” unequivocal connects “narrowly [liability paying…tens taxes”. [276 characterizations “double-faced” presenting chinese- altruistic currency opine “tricked” officials. [277 gives credence [278 opinions [279 [280 objectively faced” duping bases essential statements. [281 [282 “[breaking poll questionable highlighting mainland’s grassroots overseas!” long. [283 composed “yes” “no discusses [284 risk “dare blunt” historical contemporary concept “questionable five. [285 isolated case” dissertation “evils” quotes mao zedong “comrade deng xiaoping” jinping” calls worrying “certain immigrants” driven greed “wine dine local” “violates party’s facilitates growing vanity” shilly-shallying turning blind eye lice bald head” “negligent oversight blame”. [286 clarifies condemning sees organizations’ “credibility representativeness messiness overlapping converging missions long-lasting flaws system…”. [287 rich” aren’t terrible person” …mr witnessed personalities vying jostling leadership” integrated coverage contenders frequent “buying posts” scoop banquets presents profit severely leaders. [288 reason; [289 29(a worded virtually identically [290 concerned philosophical trails manifested immigrants. [291 references linked reference. [292 bulk standing “jostling” leads opines “[m]any “is individually. [293 levelled reads multiple interpreted “inferential resided immediate context” 94) [294 defames [295 29(c assert “buy” “scoop[ing targeted [296 launched getting [297 sixth sarcastically apparent habit ceasing hostilities holidays looked “battling holiday” thanks “selflessness sacrifice”. [298 confirms respond “disclose ‘chinese leader’” strategy “thought [miaofei negative convincing providing clarification details”. [299 dares plaintiff]” advertising “but afraid sucked lengthy tire end” “[a]ll exposing guts chutzpah” remainder [300 thirdly withdraws fourthly encourage federal mogul huge meanwhile force shake. illusion bombarded stream end. unfortunately proposes god disposes “broadcasted account,” medicinal drops agitated brandishing “weapon law”; wants level uncertainty tries make-belief trap “astronomical compensation.”…this self-destruction raking faults humiliation defects… guarantee. [301 conduct; community; criticizing threat unjust commenced compensation [302 broad accusing behaving “improperly” types “improper” whereas imbibe “improper conduct” [303 ‘improper conduct’” is. [304 refine impropriety diminution [305 “problematic” problem fixed investigation rest 33(b negatively impacted impacting lowering [306 encouraged “take “entire china”. prediction [307 lean 33(a acknowledge distinction versus determination judge- six’s undefined future causes [308 33(c fearful “sucked” tiring “unjust” decries “legitimate” commence [309 plaintiffs’ lowered absurd [310 refuted defendant, refutations. [311 [312 hefty price playing game launching lawsuit” (article translation. [313 station life letters western house, westerns differently abusive “law intentions lacks basis” success. [314 scrutiny counterclaim “deny released ministry safety china?” fortitude confront “who thinks room grandma’s house” “hideous mercy process” “surfaced” [315 ended “tax truth” scolded disclosing [316 passages defamatory: dignified hundred thousand dollars leader’ unworthily tall-tale teller ostentatious misdeeds ‘seasoned-liar’ fish balls lawyer’s westerners’ knows scandalous ‘legal action’ differently! proceedings! likelihood winning zero plays bringing disgrace overseas. distribute ‘abusive claim’ inside spreading scandals effective middle-to-senior aged literature worker position’ vulnerable of, right? everybody assured hideous distributed instance congress heilongjiang beijing dearly ‘multiple-faceted’ [317 ‘seasoned liar’; worse people; commencing prosecuting abused abusing process; character. [318 “seasoned liar” 37(a character” 37(e unsavory “tall-tale ostentatious” “his misdeeds” [319 “this “written record” numerous [320 37(b referring differential treatment identical “worse” mental leaps instead, party. [321 “an proceedings” corrupted system “abusive” baseless success parts “knowing” persisted choice merit vexatious arguable [322 articulated 37(d (that disgracing look” “private scandals” seven. [323 lied adapt lying [324 37(c “abuse speculating exist. [325 apply. [326 [327 seasoned liar [328 combination descriptions arise “spent balls” “all liar’” liar”. [329 identification “dignified alliance”. [330 correctly host [331 “abusing system” equally dissimilar [332 “hideous” “middle-aged elderly young children family” reflective reflects nutshell vastly [333 (and dinners under-the-radar strategy” “intimate face-time fund- raiser “friends” image fundraiser. [334 critically standing. [335 made. juxtaposed range lone modest “abusive”. [336 “another scandal nephew 60-million-dollar debt” [337 starts “ill-gotten gains” debts. [338 han pin “main assistant front-running operator” nephew’s complaint reproducing obituary belonging family [339 repeats owns fraudulent claim. [340 partnership “multi-faceted” monk’s head”. [341 managed ‘list dishonoured’ ill-gotten-gains enforced broke uproar investor category natives living justify .now deals ‘liar’ gentleman amazing allocated down. multi-faceted letting activities spotlight well. ill-gotten- [342 gains; pursuant orders china; unfit [343 41(a) “ill-gotten-gains” purports 41(b demonstrators collapse 41(a [344 41(c reactions “how leader?” businesses involved. [345 41(d statutory implicated dealings “brought down” [346 authenticated content. property realized captured speculation inability authenticate unable “ill gotten” gains. [347 “we defaming explaining reaction companies. [348 “caused trouble” “face” “manager” irregularities. [349 ill-gotten yuan]” dishonoured. [350 things, “outrage” stature conclusion. [351 equivocate size gotten [352 manager incorrect nephew. [353 interaction down, lets “deal activities” and/or day-to-day responsibilities hands. [354 [355 colossal lies provoked indignation chinese!” net bridge link world” “always remembering motherland aiming steed stable aspires gallop miles” comprising approximately text. [356 fighter jet deadbeats” betters busy responding recounts period writes son “report defendant] names” painting ‘gong’” practitioner falun gong tibetan separatist “anti-party” “anti-chinese” aim adversarial overseas”. [357 rebuild glorious image” [articles “brown-nosing” characterizes obsequious outraging complimentary [358 supportive [359 surprised deceives amazed guy deadbeats eyesight crowds betting reporters promoting field deadbeat hint countrymen pathetic! [there bold goodness” chickens] flat teeth deceive risky! i’d meekly confidence “brown- nosing” vancouver? cheek effort “disinfection” only? [360 media; [361 [362 44(a manipulated published. deceptive manipulation deception [363 indictment gullibility malleable controlled supervised censored “free press” consume perceive [364 44(b “flat teeth” risky!”. outraged portrayed remember “party” whole, here. [365 44(c unspecified favourable [366 [367 ‘famous officially begun big begun!” [368 “scare” “counter mine” “taking route” suit. [369 account” humiliated long” collective abandonment media]”. grudge dispute” wrong”. [370 shed ‘glorious image’ emperor’s clothes bit remorse aggressive moves. .you resort obstinate puff arrogance money? route achieving minutes sensible multi- millionaire? exactly fishy .this money-losing insist mostly domineering diminishing non-existent. bullet jacket ‘patriotic ripped won’t undershirt underpants naked. [371 wealth proceeding wrongdoing. [372 influence; leader, action. [373 47(a cover “[resorting communication” “insisted scare “can money?”. 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