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Welcome to the Ad IDEM / Canadian Media Lawyers Association Website

Ad IDEM stands for Advocates In Defence of Expression in Media / Avocats pour la defense de l'expression dans les medias (the capital letters in bold spelling "MEDIA" (from right to left)). We are also known by the acronym CMLA, the Canadian Media Lawyers Association.

Our members are leading media lawyers across Canada. We organize a major annual conference, intervene in important Supreme Court of Canada cases, and promote improved laws and policies for free expression and openness of courts.

AdIDEM/CMLA is dedicated to the protection and enhancement of free expression in Canada and abroad. Our aim is to achieve this objective through:

 * public and professional education
 * advocacy and law reform initiatives
 * cooperation with related professional organizations

AdIDEM/CMLA members are lawyers representing the media across Canada. Associate Members, who may or may not be lawyers, have had experience in issues involving media law and free expression, and are advocates for free expression as well.[| Read more...]

New Developments

June 14, 2016   R v Cabero et al 2016 ONSC 3844
    The Court rejected an application by defence counsel for a publication ban over an ITO used to get DNA search warrants.

May 27, 2016   Casses v Canadian Broadcasting Corporation 2016 BCSC 949
    Following on a successful responsible communication defence in Casses v CBC et al, summarized earlier, the trial judge has now awarded costs on an increased scale to CBC and “special costs” (similar to solicitor-client costs) to the individual defendants.

May 18, 2016   J.K. v The Korea Times et al 2016 ONCA 375
    This ONCA decision summarizes the analysis required in considering the adequacy of a libel notice.

May 6, 2016   Nazerali v Mitchell 2016 BCSC 810
    The BC Supreme Court has awarded 1.2 million in damages in a case of extreme internet defamation.

April 6, 2016   BC Provincial Court Post-Consultation Memorandum - Court Services Online Criminal Information(CSO)(2016)
    The BC Provincial Court is now limiting the length of time adult criminal case information will be available online.

April 1, 2016   John v Ballingall et al 2016 ONSC 2245
    This ONSC decision states unambiguously that online publication of a newspaper article is subject to the notice and limitation provisions in the Libel and Slander Act “unless specific facts dictate otherwise.”

March 29, 2016   R v Vice Media Canada Inc et al 2016 ONSC 1961
    The ONSC upheld a production order which directed Vice Media and one of its journalists to produce certain documents and data from the reporter's instant messenger chat logs.

March 14, 2016   Canadian Union of Postal Workers v Quebecor Media Inc 2016 ONCA 206
    The ONCA overturned a lower court judgment on a Rule 21 motion, finding that the appellant met the notice requirements of the LSA.

February 10, 2016   Canadian Broadcasting Corporation v Whatcott 2016 SKCA 17
    This recent decision from the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal overturns the Court of Queen's Bench findings of malice and of aggravated damages, and reduces the general damages award to a nominal amount of $1,000. The appeal regarding the meaning of the publication was dismissed based on the standard of review.

January 28, 2016   Inquest Motion re broadcasting Provincial Court of Manitoba 2016 28 January
    The media applicants sought an order to be permitted to record, videotape and broadcast inquest proceedings into the deaths of Durval David Tavares and Sheldon Anthony McKay at Stony Mountain Institute. They were granted the right to record audio only and to broadcast those recordings.


The Ad IDEM Freedom of Expression Writing Prize 2016
Deadline passed.
Thank you to those who made submissions for the 2016 Ad IDEM Writing Prize. The deadline for submissions has now passed. The winner will be announced by September 2016. For more information please click on the link above.

2016 Conference
November 4 & 5, 2016
  Halifax, Nova Scotia
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