R v George 2017 ONSC 5256


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An Ontario court approved an order based on the access to exhibits protocol routinely used by courts in British Columbia.

Decision Summary

The CBC and Postmedia brought an application for an order establishing a protocol for assessing, copying and publishing exhibits entered at the second degree murder trial of Anthony George.

Neither the Crown nor the defendant opposed the draft protocol filed by the applicants. However, both the Crown and the defendant raised objections in relation to two anticipated exhibits, a photograph of the deceased in situ and a video depicting the killing of the deceased. They asked that the two exhibits be subject to a temporary publication ban until the conclusion of the trial.

Justice Garson granted the order permitting access to all of the exhibits subject to a temporary publication ban on the photo of the deceased and the video of the killing of the deceased.

Garson J. also sets out the protocol for access to the exhibits in the order.


See:R v George [Re: Canadian Broadcasting Corp.] 2017 ONSC 5256

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