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Welcome to the Ad IDEM / Canadian Media Lawyers Association Website

Ad IDEM stands for Advocates In Defence of Expression in Media / Avocats pour la defense de l'expression dans les medias (the capital letters in bold spelling "MEDIA" (from right to left)). We are also known by the acronym CMLA, the Canadian Media Lawyers Association.

Our members are leading media lawyers across Canada. We organize a major annual conference, intervene in important Supreme Court of Canada cases, and promote improved laws and policies for free expression and openness of courts.

AdIDEM/CMLA is dedicated to the protection and enhancement of free expression in Canada and abroad. Our aim is to achieve this objective through:

 * public and professional education
 * advocacy and law reform initiatives
 * cooperation with related professional organizations

AdIDEM/CMLA members are lawyers representing the media across Canada. Associate Members, who may or may not be lawyers, have had experience in issues involving media law and free expression, and are advocates for free expression as well.[| Read more...]

New Developments

March 2, 2018   British Columbia Courts' Amendment to Use of Electronic Devices
    The three Courts’ policy on the use of electronic devices in courtrooms has been amended to clarify the use that can be made of electronic devices during ceremonies and to provide direction to media on retention and destruction of audio recordings used to verify notes.

February 27, 2018   Horne v Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre 2018 NSCA 20
    The NSCA took issue with the trial judge's failure in his jury instructions to fully differentiate between a contract claim, which was denied, and a loss of reputation claim and reduced a damages award.

February 13, 2018   Weaver v Ball 2018 BCSC 205
    The BCSC dismissed a defamation claim brought by Green Party leader Andrew Weaver against Dr. Timothy Ball, a climate change skeptic.

February 9, 2018   R v Canadian Broadcasting Corp 2018 SCC 5
    The SCC overturned a mandatory injunction ordered by the Alberta C of A, which would have forced the CBC to “unpublish” a murder victim’s name, even though the articles in question were published prior to any publication ban.

January 23, 2018   R v Stanley 2018 SKQB 27
    Before selection of the jury, the judge dismissed the application of PostMedia, APTN, CTV, CBC and Global for permission to broadcast and live stream limited portions of the trial of Gerald Stanley using 3 fixed television cameras, and imposed a publication ban of the application and his decision until the jury retired to consider its verdict.

January 16, 2018   TRAMS Property Management Inc et Terry Pomerantz c Postmedia Network Inc 16 January 2018 CSQ
    The Quebec Superior Court summarily dismissed, as abusive under Quebec’s anti-SLAPP legislation, a $1.6 million libel suit against Postmedia.

January, 2018   January 2018 Newfoundland and Labrador Guide to Accessing Court Proceedings
    In January 2018, the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador adopted new guidelines for media and public access to the courts.

December 16, 2017   R v Millard and Smich 2015 ONSC 7561
    In this ONSC decision from 2015, a publication ban was imposed, under s. 648(1), on all evidence adduced at pre-trial motions in the Tim Bosma murder case until the end of the trial in the Laura Babcock murder case. A verdict was handed down on December 16, 2017, allowing the publication of the reasons for which the pub ban was initially granted.

December 14, 2017   Chamberland Inquiry Report Overview
    The first and main recommendation is that the Quebec government enact "a Journalistic Material and Sources Protection Act, in civil and penal matters."

December 13, 2017   Taseko Mines Limited v Western Canada Wilderness Committee 2017 BCCA 431
    The BCCA upheld a successful libel defence.


2017 Conference
November 3 & 4, 2017
  Toronto, Ontario
Please click for more details.

Law Commission of Ontario - Defamation Law in the Internet Age
July 26, 2017
The Law Commission of Ontario (LCO) has released four background papers for their Defamation Law in the Internet Age project.

The Ad IDEM Freedom of Expression Writing Prize 2018
July 1, 2017
Ad IDEM/CMLA is seeking submissions for the annual student Writing Prize for a paper promoting freedom of expression. The deadline for submissions is May 31, 2018 with the winner to be announced by September 2018. Please click for more details and a link to submission guidelines.

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