User talk:Joshua Bearden

Hi, I'm the communications coordinator for AdIDEM. My mandate is to serve you, the members of AdIDEM in particular to improve communications between members and each other, and between CMLA and the public. My primary (though not only) tool for achieving this goal is this website.

My goals for the website are

  1. to increase it's value to the public (including other lawyers) as a source of information and news on media law issues.
  2. to increase it's value to members by providing a library of precedents, briefs, comments and mutual advice on media law practice.

To achieve these goals I'm seeking materials to go in both the public and "members only" areas of the website. This is one area where I will rely on you. I'll be asking you to share news tips and breaking cases for publishing here. I'll also be asking people to share pleadings, brief etc. from cases you've been involved in.

Note although it maybe painful, we also need reports of cases that we lose.

My Duties Described:Media:Ad_IDEM_consultant.pdf

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